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Equipment Niviuk

The paraglider wing is a fabric aerofoil shape with holes in the leading edge for the air to enter, inflate and pressurise the wing.  The pilot is suspended below by multiple lines. This provides a pendulum effect which stabilises the wing above.  The harness in which the pilot is secured also acts as a seat during the flight. Most modern harnesses will encompass some rear back protection and a reserve parachute in case of emergency. 

Interested in buying your own equipment? Take a look at the Niviuk Store for the best gear.


Three weeks after winning the French Championship, we are now celebrating the results of the Spanish Championship. Held from June the 30th to July the 7th in Pedro Bernardo (Ávila) this year’s edition 7 tasks were set in an excellent fly zone with excellent weather conditions.

Jesús Costa (Icepeak 6) and Borja Rodríguez (Icepeak 6) got the 2nd and 3rd place overall, joining the winner Francisco Javier Reina on the podium. On the OPEN, the 2nd and 3rd place went to the Abac Team pilot Honorin Hamard and for Jesús Costa.

On the women category, we congratulate the vice champions LaireVaz (Artik 3) on the overall and Yin Kao (Icepeak 6) on the OPEN. Moreover, we also compliment the Abac Team (Honorin Hamard, Lucas Bernardin, Maxime Pinot and Lluís Pol) who came 2nd on the Team’s classification.

Congratulations to all winners and participants! See you in a few days in the Bulgarian World Championship (July 13-26)!

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