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Welcome to our paragliding school Flying Tony!
Situated in the heart of the Dominican Republic, on 600 meters

above sea level, nestled between beautiful mountains of more than

3000 meters high. This valley, also has magnificent waterfalls and

numerous rivers for you to enjoy. This little mountain city is

also known as “the everlasting spring city” because of its all year round

temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

Our paragliding school "Flying Tony" was founded by Tony Rosario in 2006. Tony is a competent ,talented pilot / instructor; who is dedicated to the sport of paragliding and sharing this dream with you through Tandem flights.  Together with his great team of experienced pilots, Tony offers you a chance to experience this unique opportunity; to fly!

We are also the official dealers for the very popular brand NIVIUK.
Don’t have any experience in this sport? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and make a Tandem-flight with one of the pilots to experience the adrenaline rush, the peace and most of all the chance to enjoy the breathtaking landscape!


Are you already a pilot? Then we can offer tours ;specially tailored to your needs that accommodate your itinerary.Let us show you the exotic paradise waiting for you in the  Dominican Republic. This is your chance to get acquainted with the beauty and diversity and landscape of our country. There are many options to arrange a tour for every pilot and every level.


Please contact us for any special requests



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