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Tandem Flight $60.00

Paragliding School Flying Tony invites you to enjoy a tandem flight. Go ahead and you will not regret! Feel the wind in your face and that unique feeling of flying, away from the ground and closer to the birds. FREEDOM.  After your first flying experience you will look at the sky and you can say ...I've been there!

Paragliding Course $800.00

Paragliding is very accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels, most will successfully complete the course and enjoy  the freedom of flying solo.

A paragliding proficiency rating is obtained by attending training through a qualified instructor.  These courses can be completed in as little time as nine days.  Once qualified, continued practice and learning helps progress the pilots’ skills and safety.

Paragliding group Events $@

FUN and SAFE! A great experience to share with family and friends, so why would you NOT invite them on your adventure? More people more fun! Book a full package; Tandem flight, transport, music, food and beverage.




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